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How it Works

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Choose between a few options to get the service that best fits your pool’s needs.


Keep your pool clean on your schedule and as frequently as needed.


We’ll handle it from here by sending technicians and by sharing updates.

On Demand pool service

How can We be of Service?

Full Service

Perform a comprehensive cleaning of your pool and all equipment.

Chemical & Filter

Check and balance the pool chemicals and maintain the filter.


Conduct thorough inspection of pool and all corresponding equipment.

Pool Chemicals

We’ll balance the chemicals in your pool.

Filter Clean

Perform your regular filter service.

Pool School

We’ll coach you through your pool’s specific needs.

Pool Service On Your Schedule

The type of service and frequency of cleaning is up to you. Get the service you want, when you want it.

You Choose The:

Then sit back and wait for your pool to be cleaned!


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Technology & Technicians

SIMPOOL® is bringing cutting edge technology to an otherwise antiquated industry. Our platform provides our technicians who are trained and vetted according to SIMPOOL® core values and beliefs with an effective method of communicating your pool’s status. These efficiencies and streamlined services translate into cost savings that are passed on to you, our customers. For approximately $20 more per month than what an average do-it-yourself customer spends on chemicals, SIMPOOL® can offer full service for approximately $120 per month.